A SIMPLE SOLUTION to promote you, your product, business or organisation using your phone or tablet, quickly and easily at the tap of a button!

And that's just the start!

Sometimes the smallest ideas make the biggest impact!

This is an absolutely true account: A few months ago I was approached by Trevor, a self-employed plumber. He was desperate to have a website built because all his competitors had one, so we arranged a meeting to find out what he had in mind.

​Long story short - Turns out he didn't need a website at all, he was doing jobs and running around in his van from 7am through to 8pm every day and the last thing he wanted was to deal with website tasks at the end of a long day's work!

However... he definitely did need ​some form of digital footprint, not Facebook or Twitter - but something over which he had total control and a tool that worked hard for him and his business 24/7. 

At that time I had to admit there was nothing I could do to help. There was literally nothing (short of a £10,000 'native' app) that would serve his purpose.

​Then, a few weeks later while I was working at my desk on a completely different project, I had a lightbulb moment!

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Dave Foster,
Dave Foster Digital

What if we created bespoke, apps that are affordable, easy to maintain, quick to share and (literally) available at any person's fingertips whenever they need to contact a specific business or organisation with minimum effort?

That's when 'MyBiz Mobile Pro' was Born!

An embarrassingly simple concept that turns the traditional business card into a promotional powerhouse!

Here's The Idea!

Create a fully-loaded digital business card to easily share by smartphone and tablet.

MyBizMobile™ makes it easy for you to instantly promote your business information, contact details, videos, documents and presentations via smartphone and tablet – no matter where your clients are located. 

MyBizMobile Pro is…

✮ The perfect small business mobile solution

✮ Works on any mobile device

✮ Works with all operating systems

✮ Easy to use anywhere in the world

✮ Uses sharing tools already on your device

✮ No special software to learn

✮ Works right out of the box!

✮ Automatically updates on all devices

✮ No downloads, instantly updates itself

✮ Future-proof for all OS upgrades

Here's the concept...

The premise is that most people don't hold onto traditional business cards any more. They either bin them immediately - guilty - or shove them into a drawer full of hundreds of other business cards. They are certainly not easy to access when the time comes to find your services or products, and once they're out of sight, they're definitely out of mind!

MyBiz Mobile Pro™ is a digital business card (which acts as the front end of your promotional arsenal). It works with any smartphone (Apple, Android or Windows) and the tasks of calling, texting or emailing you are easy, on-screen button taps. No need to scroll through hundreds of contacts for phone numbers or email addresses, one tap and you're both connected! This removes all the effort of contacting you, which makes you the first call a person is likely to make when they want a product or service you offer. This one simple thing makes your digital business card an indispensable tool. 

​And to make life even easier, your client or customer can save your web app as a home screen button (or shortcut) on their mobile device in a couple of seconds, so your digital card is always in front of them and literally at their fingertips at all times.

And that's not all. As this is a web-based application, it works perfectly with your device's web browser tools, which means that anyone with your digital card on their phone can share it with their family, friends and colleagues via text, Facebook, Twitter, LinedIn etc. Takes about 5 seconds to do and once the other person has your card on their phone they can do likewise... so your clients and customers become your (free) marketing department. Your card becomes viral and could end up on thousands of individual devices, anywhere in the world, in a very short time indeed. How good is that?

Oh yes, there's one more thing. If you have any changes, additions or deletions made to items on your digital card, those changes instantly reflect on every instance of your card, no matter where they are. So if there are 20,000 people with your card on their device, the new changes take place as soon as they open up and view your card. No upgrades or downloads to mess around with, it's all instant and works worldwide.


​That's just the start...

So that's the basic MyBiz Mobile Pro™ digital business card... however, that's not all it has to offer. There's a host of marketing functions it can perform. It really is the Swiss Army Knife of mobile marketing, so rather than me droning on any further, I've highlighted the card's main benefits below to give you a clearer idea of what's possible with this superb "little" tool.


Fast and Efficient Web-based Mobile App

How the digital business card works on virtually any mobile device.

MyBiz Mobile Pro™ is a web-based digital business card app that will work on any of the popular Apple, Android and Windows devices.

This means there's no software to download to your phone or tablet as the app is streamed dynamically into your device's web browser and therefore takes up only a tiny amount of space.


Quick and Easy to Use

Easy to use, indispensable business tool.

Clients and customers can call, email or text you directly with a single tap of their screen.

They can also save a permanent app button or shortcut to their home screen in a few seconds. Making it even easier to get in touch with you whenever they want.


Your Brand in Every Pocket

Full customisation to fit your business or organisation's brand.

Every app can be customised with your organisation's logo and colour pallet to further strengthen brand awareness with clients and customers.

This means that every single instance of the web app visually reinforces your message. You are literally right in front of your clients and customers every time they view their smartphone screen.


Easy to Share with Anyone, Anywhere

Nothing for people to download, they just pass it on!

Every instance of your digital card can easily be shared in a few seconds using onboard sharing tools and any one of the popular social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

This means that every client, customer and contact becomes an active member of your organisation's marketing team. Sharing can happen locally or globally which could potentially give you viral exposure in no time at all.


Changes Appear Instantly on Every Device

Any updates to your digital card propagate immediately.

It's inevitable that some changes will be made to your digital card from time to time. That would normally render printed matter and native apps obsolete and out of date.

Not so with MyBiz Mobile Pro™. The very instant a change is made to your primary file on our servers it immediately propagates to every instance of your digital card, where ever they are. No need for people to perform updates, it all just happens, which means your information is always current.


Live Feeds to Your Promotional Videos

Your digital video presentations available 24/7 on every device.

We all know that people love video. It's easy to view and quick to consume. Video is currently the very best way to deliver your message to the masses.

Until now, the challenge has been to steer potential viewers to your YouTube channel or other video delivery platform. No problem... your digital card has the capacity to stream any video. You now have your own TV station in everyone's hand.


Share Your Slideshows With Everyone

Your premier presentation at everyone's fingertips.

The same goes for something as simple as a slide presentation. If your organisation uses slideshows to get your information across, then why not embed them into your app?

It's the perfect way to ensure your presentations get into the right hands. And if you make changes or swap over to a new slide deck, it all happens automatically (see point 5 above).


Present Your Multimedia Anywhere

Need to deliver your message one to one or one to many? Done!

All this might happen on your smartphone or tablet, but it doesn't stop there!

MyBiz Mobile Pro™ allows you to deliver your marketing material anywhere at any time, however you want to do it. Pass it on to a person you've just met at a conference... a single screen tap and ping, it's done. Deliver your presentation to an audience of hundreds, or even thousands... you're in business. You can do it all from your mobile device.


Broadcast Quality Presentations on TV

Small screen to big screen. It makes no difference. Your MyBiz card can deliver!

Ready for a massive benefit? Any video or slide presentation embedded inside your MyBiz Mobile Pro™ app can be linked to a large format TV or digital projector.

What does that mean? It means that you instantly have broadcast-quality capabilities for your presentations from your mobile device onto everything including the biggest UHDV television screen. Size is not an issue.


Drive Traffic To Your Social Media Channels

Drive more and more traffic to your social media channels?

Your card can easily be linked directly to any social media account including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

This means you can use your digital business card to quickly and easily drive masses of traffic straight there. No complicated addresses to remember, it's all done effortlessly.


Deliver Your Newsletter or Manifesto

Need to deliver your message one to one or one to many? Done!

Provide important written information to customers and clients in seconds.

You most important written documents can be permanently embedded into your digital card for instant access whenever a client or customer needs to review the information. A great way to deliver your newsletter, help documents or  terms and conditions.


Collect Vital Interactive Information

Need to deliver your message one to one or one to many? Done!

Need to collect detailed feedback or survey information from clients and customers?

No problem. We can build and embed a fully functional form (for any purpose) and link it to a secure database on our server so the submitted information remains confidential. Whenever someone submits their information your app will automatically send the data to an email address of your choice.

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Want to know more about how MyBiz Mobile Pro can help you and your business or organisation?

Please feel free to Contact me here and I'll be happy to help you out.​